Butter Coffee

Butter Coffee starts with good coffee…you can’t just use _____(insert random joe blend here). Yes, this sounds snobby BUT good coffee is where the flavor profile begins. After good coffee you want a high quality butter. I have used several different kinds and have found organic unsalted butter to be the best in flavor. Next you need coconut oil, salt, cinnamon, honey and vanilla. The salt, cinnamon, honey and vanilla are optional but trust me you want them.  I use an immersion blender to blend my coffee but you can just as easily put it into a blender.  WARNING: BE CAREFUL WHEN ADDING HOT LIQUID TO A BLENDER!


1tsp butter per 6 oz of coffee
2 tsp coconut oil per 6 oz of coffee                                                                                                         Dash of salt and cinnamon– more or less to taste                                                                               Honey to taste


Brew Coffee and add all ingredients into a container- I use the mixing container that came with my immersion blender- Blend all until emulsified. Drink and be merry