Homeschool Pros

I graduated college with a bachelors in Early Childhood Development.  I was a preschool teacher until 3 months before my son, Ezekiel, was born.  My motto- inspire children to love learning.  I went into child development because I always wanted to stay at home and homeschool our children.  I wanted our values and our beliefs weaved into their learning.  I wanted the flexibility.  I wanted to teach my children to be curious about the world.  I didn’t want them to sit behind a desk all day (what adult loves that?!)  I wanted to be the main influence, especially in those formative precious years.

Every time all those things came to mind, one thought became louder than any other. Could I….I mean could I really do it?  I didn’t know.  I was unsure.  I was fearful that I wouldn’t be enough, that I wasn’t smart enough.  To be honest I wondered if it would drive me crazy.

We enrolled Ezekiel into preschool fall of 2012. The experience was great.  I mean it was the kind of school you dream of putting your child in and he thrived.  I wasn’t sure how long he would be in school and the question of homeschooling never left our family.  Well, life has a way of putting you back to the place you should have been all along. And it’s AWESOME!

I can’t believe that I was so fearful.  I can’t believe I actually questioned my ability to teach…I mean I was a teacher.  I questioned away a dream I had.  How many times in life do we do that?

So, here are my pros of homeschooling-

  1. I get to invest in and spend time with my kids.
  2. Our schedule and lifestyle are flexible.
  3. I can teach at a pace where learning actually happens.
  4. We can learn about whatever we want.
  5. I can specifically cater to their needs.
  6. It’s fun!

Here are a few pics from the last couple of weeks…..

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