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Eight O’Clock Coffee


This is me with my favorite afternoon treat, whole bean Eight O’Clock Coffee in my favorite coffee mug.

Every coffee drinker has their favorite coffee.  As of right now this is my favorite brand.  Not only is it good, it’s affordable.  I like my coffee with a little creamer, sometimes a little sugar but always strong and very hot.  I would much rather brew a fresh cup of this than leave my house and pay Starbucks $4 to make me a cup of so so coffee- no stone throwing please.

Please share with me your favorite coffee brand and how you like it.

  • Mmmmm. My favorite is also Eight O’Clock Coffee, but only when its prepared by the skillful hands of Candice Vega.

  • Lori Stokes

    are you sure it isn’t called five o’clock coffee…bahaha.

  • Memory Ashford

    I love the French Press you use to make the coffee. It has a totally different flavor than the regular coffee maker. Delicious!!!