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Tuscaloosa Farmer’s Market


This is my table.  I spent $11 on everything you see and I got it all at our local farmer’s market….

Going to the farmer’s market has become a part of our Saturday  morning routine.  We get up, make coffee, eat a quick breakfast and head downtown.  I enjoy going to the farmer’s market for so many reasons.  It is local food, affordable, seasonal, nutritious and there is an underlying community spirit there.  The cost of produce at the grocery store is continuing to rise.  Since I am the one that mostly handles our food and budget I hate buying a PINT of blueberries for $4 or squash at $2.50 per lb.  I mean something is wrong with that.  It’s satisfying to know that I am feeding my family good food at low cost when we go to the farmer’s market every week.  I love knowing that those tomatoes in the picture above actually ripened on the vine and not in a truck carrying them thousands of miles.  Let’s support the local farmers and eat fresh food!

Visit for info about the Tuscaloosa Farmers Market.

  • Chrissy Beavers

    Hey Candace. I didn’t know the Tuscaloosa Farmer’s Market was open on Sat. Thought it was Tuesday. Thanks for the reminder. I will go and check it out. There is a farmer’s market in the Mt. Laurel community I have always wanted to go to. Maybe we can go sometime soon.

  • Tobi

    Yes! I need to get up and do the same 🙂 Last year we bought our fruits, vegetables, and EGGS!! Farm fresh eggs taste, look, and smell so much better than store bought eggs.
    Maybe our families can head downtown together on a Saturday.
    I love your blog, Candice! What a great idea.