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Vestibular Migraine & Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome Part 3

Part 3: Diet

One of the very first things we tried when my son was diagnosed with vestibular migraine in November of 2020 was a migraine diet. I read through Heal Your Headache by David Buchholz. We were already familiar with this diet because of my history with migraine but reading that book was a helpful refresher. He was on the migraine diet for almost 3 months and we didn’t see any improvement. We also didn’t see any clear connection or trigger of symptoms related to what he was eating.

We then tried a version of a keto migraine and still didn’t see a connection or improvement. After that, he put himself on a carnivore diet for 19 days eating only meat, a little dairy and a bowl of berries once a day. The only change we saw with the carnivore diet was that he was a bit more moody.

For a lot of people food triggers become very clear once they enter an elimination diet. For me it was evident that onions, eggs and nuts were huge migraine triggers. I was hoping we would see a link with my son as well.

In November of 2021 we ordered a Viome microbiome and cellular health test. We sent off stool and blood. They sent us back a list of foods he shouldn’t eat, what he should minimize and his superfoods based on the level of inflammation and types of bacteria in his gut as well as what his mitochondrial and cellular health showed. We are currently on day 40 of these recommendations. This has been the most helpful because it is specific to his body and we aren’t just having to guess.

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